Naturally Boost Your Testosterone & Increase Your Libido




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    This product gives constant headache to me. Try to get credit/returned, nobody contacted me.

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    I can not find the right words to express how truly satisfied I am with using this product. No side effects and the overall benefits are amazing to say the least. Definitely my favorite supplement from Dr Sam so far..

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    It didn't help, it did nothing. I will return the unwanted second shipment, you credit my credit card. Plus I will accept the the $100.00 offered if it didn't "WORK"!

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    I got my parcel, thanks
    It worked good to me

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    Hadi Enaami

    I've used this product now for more than 1 month and finished one bottle but have noticed no improvement with my ED, should I continue with this product or is there a different product I can use? What is your advice? Thank you.

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    HI Hadi Enaami, you need to use l-arginine and l-cittruline this will help in achieving a harder erection as it increases nitric oxide production which is what is needed to create an erection plus it improves blood flow. A product like l-arginine plus will help with this problem if you are in the uk I sell this or if you are elsewhere you should be able to get it from someone. Hope this helps

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