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- Customer Care Team - January 17, 2013 FAQ's

As of late 2012 and starting 2013, we started to color-code some of our products with different colored capsules. The reason for this was because we have many long-term clients who utilize more than one of our products. Some use 2 or 3 or more... They've stated that because the travel and use pill boxes and so forth, it can be confusing to distinguish between different products if the pills all "look exactly the same".

We surveyed our client list and asked if they would like color-coded capsules to reduce confusion and an overwhelming majority voted, YES.

But you have nothing to worry about because the capsules used are still all natural, vegetarian capsules, utilizing vegetable and natural colors. Non-toxic.

We've paid extra to use the "veggie" capsules and coloring, to make sure our products continue to be all natural, organic and safe for long-term usage. We hope you understand.

- Customer Care Team - August 16, 2012 Announcements

The new HFL Platinum series for More Natural Energy™ is out and it’s the best version we’ve had for the formula in the past decade. We’re super excited about it and the preliminary feedback has been really positive – which we are always happy to hear.

Why the improvement? … Well, we always want to improve and make better, that’s the goal in life and with our company as well.

What improvements have made?

  1. We’ve increased the dosages of the B Vitamins.
  2. We’ve added Vitamin D3 (90% of people are deficient in this important vitamin)
  3. We added Choline and Inositol for brain health and memory.
  4. And finally, we replaced Green Tea (old formula) with Organic Green Coffee (new formula) because it has even more energy producing benefits and higher cancer fighting anti-oxidants!

More Potent:

After all of this, We’ve made it more potent per capsule, 766.2 mgs, versus 415.2 mg. That’s an extra 351 mgs per capsule, that's almost DOUBLE the dose! For some users, this means less daily dosages are needed ... which is makes it more convenient and saves you money as well.

Visual Changes:

From a “visual” stand point – the changes is that the label is now all black, versus the colorful green. Capsules are also green now (all natural vegetarian caps, with chlorophyll for color).

... change isn't always "bad", and the RIGHT change = GREAT results. We've created a better product, for better health! Enjoy...

- Customer Care Team - July 15, 2012 FAQ's

Recently we changed the label for CholesLo and also improved the formula. As stated in this original post, the formula is the same, but a little bit stronger. Well, this raised a few questions from our loyal users, one of them being,

"if the formula is now stronger, can I use LESS dosage to get the same results?"

The short answer is "no"... and the reason is that as you already know, CholesLo is a COMPLETE solution for TOTAL heart health. Yes, it improves cholesterol levels, but it does SO MUCH MORE... It also helps

  • improve HDL/LDL ratios
  • lower triglycerides
  • cleanse and repair your liver
  • reduce Homocysteine levels
  • improve C-Reactive Protein
  • decrease inflammatory factors
  • etc
  • etc

So, the new stronger formula helps with ALL of those factors, a little bit more.

As a whole, the formula is about 10-12% stronger. So a the average daily dose of 4 capsules, any reduction of dosage - down to say 3 daily will reduce total dose by 25%, thus a total reduction of 10-12%. So, it's just isn't enough to warrant a lower dose. I hope that makes sense...

SUMMARY: If that sounds complicated, don't worry... just know that the new Platinum formula is better in many ways, and SOME users may even get away with a lower dose (by just 1 less capsule daily). But the majority should still stick to the recommended dosage on the bottle.

- Customer Care Team - July 09, 2012 Announcements

Hi everyone ... In July 2012 we released the new "black label" Platinum version of CholesLo. A few people were confused as the potency, total pills, serving sizes, etc. Here are the facts and details:

The difference with the new “Platinum” black label CholesLo versus the older purple label is very little. Actually, the new Platinum “black label” is stronger and better. The REAL difference is in how the “serving size” is listed. The new Platinum is listed at ONE capsule, while the previous label was per TWO capsules.

Platinum “black” label Version
1 pill = 744 mgs

 Older “purple” label Version
2 pills = 1106.2 mgs

Thus, the Platinum version at 2 pills = 1488 mgs, which is 382 mgs MORE per 1 capsule.

LET ME REPEAT THIS AGAIN - the same 2 pills of the new platinum version is STRONGER than the previous 2 pills of the older version, got it!

With the newer Platinum version, we are also using higher extracts, such as 3% Red Yeast Rice, versus 2.5% with the older version. So, as you can see, the newer Platinum is stronger and better, at the same price.

The “confusion” is that legally we needed to change the information from 2 cap, to 1 cap. But still, there’s 80 total pills in both bottles. But the new Platinum version is stronger by 382 mgs of MORE ingredients at HIGHER extract dosages.

Yes, we’ve made the “best” even better!