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Q: How many capsules or pills are in a bottle?

- Customer Care Team -
posted this on June 7, 2011, 7:14 PM

Depending on the specific product, here are direct links to the "supplement panel" for each of our current products - which lists how man pills are in each bottle (please click the product name and a new window will open):

  • AlphaViril -- increase testosterone, libido & sex drive.
  • CholesLo -- lower cholesterol & improve heart health.
  • CHEATmeals -- fat/carbohydrate blocker, fiber & digestive enzymes.
  • Lean Optimizer -- weight loss, appetite suppression & reduce belly fat.
  • Natural Energy -- increase mental/physical energy & eliminate fatigue.
  • ProVanax - reduce anxiety, panic attacks, depression & insomnia.


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